Our Partnership with Family Support Services (FSS)

At ITS Holistic Therapy, we are proud to be partners with Family Support Services (FSS), a dedicated organization that shares our commitment to the well-being of youth and families. Through this partnership, we are pleased to offer an array of complimentary services to support the growth, healing, and empowerment of foster and adopted children and families in our community.

Our Complimentary Services for FSS Youth and Families:

  1. Transition Counseling: Our experienced counselors are here to assist youth and families during important life transitions, providing guidance and support as they navigate change through life. This service compliments Therapy Services in house and therapeutic services with an outside source to be sure youth are assisted with their daily living skills.
  2. Individual Therapy: Tailored one-on-one therapy sessions are available to address unique needs and challenges, fostering emotional well-being and personal growth.
  3. Anger Management: We offer specialized programs to help youth develop healthier ways of managing and expressing their emotions, including anger management techniques.
  4. Mindful Activities: Engage in mindfulness and self-care through activities like gardening, yoga, and music classes. These activities promote relaxation, self-discovery, and emotional balance.
  5. Silent Disco Headphones: Explore the therapeutic benefits of music with our Silent Disco Headphones, which offer an immersive and calming experience.
  6. Play Therapy for Kids and Teenagers: Our game rooms provide a safe and supportive environment for play therapy, allowing children and teenagers to express themselves and work through challenges in a fun and creative way.
And Much More: Our commitment to youth & families extends beyond these services. We continuously explore new ways to support their unique needs and aspirations.

Getting Started & Eligibility

All services offered through our partnership with FSS are available to foster and adopted children and families associated with Family Support Services (FSS). We are dedicated to ensuring that these valuable resources are accessible to those who need them most.

If you are a part of the FSS community and wish to access our services, please reach out to your FSS representative or contact us directly for more information on how to get started.

We are deeply committed to providing a supportive and nurturing environment where youth and families can thrive.

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We are honored to partner with Family Support Services (FSS) to offer these complimentary services and look forward to accompanying you on your journey toward well-being and personal growth.

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